Our brand ambassadors

Meet our awesome SONIC brand ambassadors. They are all addicted to skydiving and well connected in the worldwide skydiving community. And very likely there is one of them close to your location. Check the list below and feel free to contact them if you need any first hand advise on Sonic suits, order process, measuring, etc.

Cori Sirois

Cori is a Canadian skydiver who started skydiving in 2015 and has 496 jumps. As a class A rated tunnel instructor, in 2018 Cori started to work at Gravity Indoor Skydiving in Bahrain. With 45+ hours in the tunnel, Cori loves that she is becoming more comfortable and experienced in the wind. Cori flies a Sonic Matrix suit, which she finds fun, fast and challenging in the tunnel.

You can reach Cori via cori_sirois27@hotmail.com & Instagram @corigirl27

Chris Brandl

Chris is skydiving since August 2011 and tunnel flying since 2013 with 1.900+ jumps and 15+ hours tunnel. Chris flies a Sonic V3 for AFF, a Sonic Camera jacket for TD Video, a Sonic Matrix for tunnel and he loves his Sonic Swoop pants for swooping and XRW. The home wind tunnel for Chris is Flystation Munich and his Home DZ is Skydive Colibri in Thalmässing / Germany.

You can contact Chris via Facebook: Chris Brandl

Saint-Jean Jeremy aka. Jérém

Jérém is Co founder of Team Los Gringos and has been skydiving since 2011 and has done 2.400+ jumps and has been a tunnel flyer since 2012 with 410+ hours. He is a Freefly and Tunnel instructor since 2015 and competing in D2W. Jérém flies a Sonic V3 & a Sonic Matrix Hybrid suit. He is load organizer in many French and European events. Windoor in Empuriabrava is his home tunnel.

You can contact Jérém via saintjean.jeremy@gmail.com

Pierre Rénié

Pierre is Co founder of Team Los Gringos and is a skydiver since 2009 and tunnel flyer since 2014 with 2.200+ jumps and 50+ hours in the wind tunnel. He is Freefly instructor since 2015 and flies a Sonic V3 & a Sonic Matrix Hybrid suit. The home wind tunnel  of Pierre is Windoor in Spain. He is now also load organizer in many French and European events.

You can contact Pierre via renie.pierre@gmail.com

Ivan Quadrio

Ivan is skydiving since 2000 with 4.500+ jumps and he has 1.000+ hours in the wind tunnel. He is multiple Italian champion for FS 4-way & 8-way and coach of the Oman national team. Ivan flies a Sonix FS Competition suit and he also enjoys some free fly action with his Sonic V3 summer suit. The home wind tunnel of Ivan is Aero Gravity in Milano / Italy, but you can also find him at Windoor in Spain.

You can contact Ivan via ivansky73@gmail.com

David Ferrera aka. Ciru
🇪🇸Spain – Central

Ciru has been skydiving since 2010 and has done 1.800+ jumps ever since. He has been flying and competing in wind tunnels since 2015 in D2W and D4W with 200+ hours so far and flying more and more every day. Ciru flies a Sonic Matrix and a Sonic V3. The home wind tunnel for Ciru is Hurricane Factory Madrid and his home DZ is Skydive Madrid / Spain.

You can contact Ciru via ferreranogalesdavid@gmail.com

Pete Allum
🇪🇸Spain – North

Pete is a skydiving legend. He has 33.000+ jumps and is wind tunnel flying since the first wind tunnels were built in the 90’s. Pete is a brand ambassador for Sonic since moving to Empuriabrava in 2008. Pete flies a Sonix Competition, Sonic V3 & Sonic Swoop Pants. The home dropzone of Pete is Skydive Empuriabrava and his home wind tunnel is Windoor in Empuriabrava / Spain.

You can contact Pete via peteallum@aol.com & Instagram @xlpete

Manuel Mei
🇪🇸Spain – North

Manu is a skydiver since 2013. He is a tandem master, AFF instructor, camera flyer and rigger as well. Manu has 3.500+ jumps and is a Sonic brand ambassador since 2016. Manu flies a Sonic V3, a Sonic Camera Suit & Sonic Instructor Suit. The home dropzone of Manu is Skydive Empuriabrava in Spain.

You can contact Manu via meimanuel@hotmail.com

Federico Rawa
🇪🇸Spain – North

Fede is skydiving since 2007 with 2.500+ jumps & he has also been working for 10+ years as a tunnel instructor & coach, with well above 5.000+ tunnel hours between coaching and flying. Fede flies a Sonic V3 for the sky, a summer V3 for summer time & the Matrix for the tunnel. Fede has won several competitions & championships. The home tunnel of Fede is Windoor in Empuriabrava / Spain.

You can contact Fede via fedechampa@hotmail.com

Markus Jeanneret aka. Santa Claus

Markus alias Santa Claus is skydiving since 2008 and tunnel flying since 2013 with 1.100+ jumps and 250+ hours in the wind tunnel. Markus flies a Sonic V3 & a Sonic Matrix suit. Markus is from Switzerland, but his home is wehre the dropzones and wind tunnels around the world are.

You can contact Markus via christmas@santaclaus.ch

Youssef El Majdoub
🇦🇪United Arab Emirates – Dubai

Youssef is wind tunnel flying & skydiving since 2013 with 2.500+ jumps and 60+ hours in the wind tunnel. He is a tandem & AFF instructor, and load organizes regularly at Skydive Diani down by the beautiful Kenyan coast line. Youssef flies Sonic Freefly Shorts. You can catch him year round at Skydive Dubai – Palm Dropzone in the United Arab Emirates.

 You can contact Youssef via elmajdoub.youssef@gmail.com

Alex Leslie
🇬🇧United Kingdom

Alex has been skydivng and wind tunnel flying since 2013. He has 2.300+ jumps and a little under 5 hours in the wind tunnel. Alex is a brand ambassador for Sonic since beginning of 2018. He flies a Sonic V3 suit and a Sonic Camera Jacket as well as Sonic Freefly Shorts. The home dropzone of Alex is Skydive Headcorn in the south of the United Kingdom.

You can contact Alex via alexleslie@live.co.uk

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