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Customer Support

”How can I help you?”

Rossina, Manager at Sonic Flywear

Before ordering

  • Choose and customize your suit and take your measurements following our guide
  • Make sure all the measurements are correct. If you have any doubts contact us, we are more than happy to assist you
  • If you need anything specific, take a look at our individual solutions section
  • Your order is not processed until everything is paid in full

How to measure yourself?

Take your measurements correctly

After-sales policies

Cancellations: After paying for your order, once the manufacturing process begins,
cancellations are not possible

Refund: Custom made orders are non-refundable. But we do offer alteration/modification
options as we want to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your product

Receiving your suit: When you first receive your suit and try it on, it might feel a little tight. This is normal and we recommend trying it out for a few skydives/tunnel time and then check again how it feels. This will allow for the fabric to give in and adapt perfectly to your body. Do keep in mind that the suits are designed for flying and withholding strong air flow conditions, so some movements may have a small degree of restriction. This is normal. When you receive your suit, if there should be any detail different from your order form, contact us

All modifications due to errors on our side come free of charge. Errors in measuring or ordering come with a fee. For any alteration/modification contact us.

Feedback & follow up

We love to hear from you and know that you are happy with your suit. Feedbacks and suggestions are more than welcomed. Also check out our news section where we post our monthly give away.

Individual solutions

Sometimes your taste is so creative and individual that our customization options may not be enough. If you have a special idea in mind when designing your suit, contact us and we’ll see if we can make it happen.