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Long Pro Pants (Customized)

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The Pants comfort is mainly made out of Poly-cotton (35% / 65%), allowing great comfort with an excellent quality of fabrics. The end of the pants, at the ankles, is made out of Lycra. The crotch is also made out of Lycra for more flexibility. This pants has reinforcements on the most vulnerable parts : the knees and the bottom. At the waist, the pants present an elasticized waistband, a zip YKK and a crocodile closing system. The jeans style front pockets are added for practical purposes.

Standards Features:

  • Essentially made out of Poly-cotton
  • Ankle in Lycra
  • Crotch in Lycra
  • Jeans Pockets
  • Reinforcement knee in Poly-cotton
  • Reinforcement bum in Poly-cotton

Please note that due to a variety of monitor settings, the color swatches may slightly vary from the actual fabric color. Thank you for your understanding.

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