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Our newest developed suit, the Matrix was designed after many hours of tunnel testing to give you the most durable and resistant second skin type suit.

The Matrix is made out of a thin and lightly stretchy cordura, with spandex added where the body needs more free range movement (like for example on the sides, ankles and wrists). We researched a long time to find a very high quality fabric that will have a super tight and comfortable fit, but still be very resistent and not stretch even after a lengthy use. We recommend this suit for advanced flyers.

Measure twice to avoid errors. For this suit we need the following extra measurements: Calf, ankle and forearm.

If you need help with your order, contact us and we will guide you through.

Extra options: Integrated knee and elbow protection.

For options, contact us:

Production timeline:
8-10 weeks*

*excluding shipping

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