At Sonic we sponsor some of the best flyers in the world. We also intend to help people who are pushing the development of our Sport. We work with individuals and teams globally, empowering them with our support and creating a meaningful, valuable and sustainable relationship.

A sponsorship with us comes with a lot of perks:

How to get a sponsorship with Sonic:

Send us a file with all the details as it is specified below in ‘send your application’

After the review and approval of your information we will contact you to set up a meeting and discuss things in person

Now it’s your turn to shine! Get your sponsorship NOW!

Apply for sponsorship

Start by telling us about your plans

For your sponsorship request we need a complete file with supporting documentation (plans, timelines, sport contributions, previous accomplishments, etc.).

We will be happy to review any plans you can send us to help us make our decision about sponsoring you!