Our office and management team

Meet our wonderful SONIC team. We are all addicted to sky-diving and well connected in the world wide skydiving community. Feel free to contact us!

Owner & Managing Director

Susy is a manager, forex trader and investor from Germany, living in Spain since 2012. She is also a skydiver and tunnel flyer. She looks back on more than 15 years of experience in business development and the creation of brands.

You can contact Susy via susy@sonicflywear.com


Rossina with 20 years skydiving experience, AFF, Tandem, Tunnel Instructor and camera girl, who has been working with skydivers since 2012. She is the main link between our customers and our production team, always trying to help and give best solution to our Customers. Research and develop of new ideas, process, procedures, fabrics, designs, etc. She is fluent in Spanish and English.

You can contact her via info@sonicflywar.com

Customer Service & Administration

Jessica joined the Sonic Flywear team in 2018. She is passionate about skydiving and started in the sport in France almost 3 years ago with 200+ jumps accumulated so far.
Jessica speaks French, Spanish as well as English.

You can contact her via info@sonicflywar.com

Head of Production

Nelson is overseeing all the production process from cutting the material until the final suit is ready. He is also involved a lot in product development. Working for Sonic since early 2015 he is a crucial part of our team. Nelson is also a certified rigger and has quite some extensive experience in the skydiving sector.

Chief Security Officer & Customer Service

Nala is our chief security officer. Apart from this job, which she takes very seriously, she is also highly involved in customer service. She gives a warm welcome to everybody and also distributes kisses generously.

Do you have any questions?

Is there something you want to ask us? Do you need more information of us or of our products? Are you looking for a sponsorship? We are happy to answer all your questions.